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There are only a limited number of brands around the world that are synonymous of excellence in the creation of superior and fine floors and products.

There is one partner in particular, Annovia Group, collaborates with a very special company constantly achieving perfection in every production presented to the market, since this is the only path that allows you to reach extraordinary results.

It is a privilege for our company to be able to present to our partners and customers a simply extraordinary quality thanks to an international partner who has been creating and manufacturing wooden floors for years, products which are recognized as true masterpieces, described by customers as works of art. Precision, reliability, perfections, and beauty but above all durability are just some of the keywords that make these products unmistakable and that have made it possible to achieve an extraordinary success worldwide.

A series of works of art, not just a wooden floor with revolutionary characteristics, but the creation of innovative products that go beyond the limits of the traditional parquet and which have conducted products and clients, to a new era.

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Emotions beyond expectations
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