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‘Giving light’... is a famous expression that could symbolize a new philosophy of lighting design, a philosophy in the sense of how we think about the lighting design process.

Annovia Group has the privilege to collaborate with an extraordinary partner, who is not only specialized in the development and manufacturing of lighting solutions, but is recognized among the worldwide leaders. A partner capable of producing dedicated and unexpected lighting solutions, that not only serve to project light in space, but do so in a way which best suits the needs and with the least possible environmental impact

“Creating the right lighting for each situation” is just one part of the process. Light not only Evokes Emotion but is a unique way to also Create Atmospheres.

Annovia Group offers emotions beyond expectations and among its missions creates architectural solutions to help people realize their vision turning them into reality.

Providing solutions

Light is and can be more than a visual element. Companies often do not know that a wide range of UV-C germicidal disinfection products, a disinfection method recommended by the WHO (World Health Organization) can be obtained. This is possible thanks to our extensive experience in the production of lighting systems for medical and sanitary spaces.

WHY DOES UV-C DISINFECT? UV radiation is part of electromagnetic wave radiation, just like X-rays, radio waves, or visible light. The UV-C radiation of a low-pressure lamp consists of a single spectral line of radiation at 254 nm, which is located in the area of maximum germicidal effect of the UV-C, between the wavelengths of 250 and 270nm. The UV-C radiation emitted by LED consists of wave radiation between 275 and 280 nm, with a very low germicidal effect. The bactericidal mechanism results from the absorption of energy from UV-C radiation by ribonucleic acids and proteins, which induces chemical reactions that affect the molecular structure of the microorganisms until they are eliminated: DNA+ RNA breakage.

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